founder’s Message

I had a long association with lube oil industry for about 35 years mainly in setting up lube oil blending plants with state-of-the-art technology. I was responsible for putting up blending plants for Gulf Oil, Nepal Oil Corporation, Ancap Lubricants – Uruguay, Gomex – Nigeria and many others. Ultra is an offshoot of this experience .Ever since the foundation of our company, Ultra has been demonstrating a challenging spirit, exceeding customer satisfaction, contribute to environment safety with our technologies and constantly strive to improve efficiency in the operations for the last twenty years.

We distinguish ourselves by partnering with multinational clients to create the vision of reducing operational costs and to effectively merge strategy with operational design to help them achieve sustainable growth, fueled by true cultural transformation. Our philosophy is clear: Use our vast experience in manufacturing to help our customers grow ultimately customers Quality is our concern.

As we are finding solutions to today’s business needs, we are also addressing future business growth. We believe in nurturing a strong relationship with our clients. We, at Ultra give our 100 percent commitment and unwavering dedication to the ultimate goal of our customer’s business success. Ultra assures its clients that in this age of change, we will adapt to new technologies, new platforms, and scale new horizons while operating at the highest level.

N N Savant
Chief Executive


Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment