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Lubricating oils manufactured for Passenger Car Motor Oils, Automotive Gear Lubricants, Tractor Fluids,Diesel Engine Oils, 2 /4 Stroke Engine Oils, Marine Engine Oils, Transmission, Hydraulic fluids, Super clean fluids, Fork oils, Turbine oils, Industrial gear oils, Stationary gas engine oils, Metal working, Quenching fluids.


Brake Oil

A totally dedicated facility where both DOT 3 and DOT 4 are produced. Specialised testing equipment for brake fluid are also available to ensure the right quality. The total capacity of the unit is about 500 tons in a month.


We have dedicated facilities to ensure best-in class coolant technology is been delivered to our customers. We have production line to package coolants in various SKU sizes from 500ml to barrel of 209/210 liters. Ultra has a capability to manufacture coolant, with huge storage capacity to store the MEG and DM water. The unit has a capacity to blend and fill 600 kl/month.

Used oil Analysis

For the last 10 years, Ultra have been extending our services to help diagnose the internal condition of oil-wetted components and to provide valuable information about lubricant serviceability. This condition monitoring of engines and lubricants was extended to only our lube oil customers. With such vast experience in oil field and to expand our existing capabilities Ultra Lab has acquired in 2014 Global Technical Services (Lab Division) who had been pioneering the used oil analysis market since 2008.

AUS 32 / DEF

DEF / AUS 32, is a non toxic, colourless, odorless & non flammable fluid that uses the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to reduce the amount of nitrous oxides emitted from a diesel engine. Aus32 liquid is suitable for all types of trucks, buses, public buses, construction machinery and ships. Ultra Plus Lubes Pvt. Ltd. is producing AUS 32 / DEF from last 2 years and had VDA sub licenced from an Italian company. Currently Ultra is producing 24000KL/pa of AUS32/DEF and with fully equipped lab as per ISO22241 the quality of product is maintained.

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